New shoes X3

April. Spring. No more winter boots. With that in mind I decided to treat myself with some new spring/summer shoes. Little did I know I would end up with three new pairs.

IMG_5647 copy

First a new pair of sneakers. In pink.

IMG_5645 copy

From New Balance.

IMG_5651 copy

Than these loafers. With roses on.

IMG_5652 copy


IMG_5663 copy

And these old man ones. For i´m a granny at heart.

IMG_5664 copy

Pair 2&3 can be found at Tory Burch

Make your flower arrangement look wild and romantic

As you may or may not know I have developed a new hobby. Flowers. I just love creating beautiful arrangement and bouquets. It´s just such a fun way to be creative. So a few days back I called up my bestest florist friend and got her to show me all of her florist tricks. And she helped me create this beauty.IMG_5285 copy

We went for the wildflower bouquet style with a romantic twist. The big twigs really helped it get that spontaneous and crazy feel.

IMG_5294 copy

That in combination with a lot of green and romantic roses really just made it, in lack for better words, tumbler perfection.

IMG_5321 copy


Making lipstick lastIMG_5539 copyjj

I´ve been thinking about lipstick lately as one does and came to the conclusion that we need to talk about making lipstick last. Because when I apply lipstick to make me feel special I want the colour and the feeling to last.

So what do I have to say on the subject? Use a primer! Did you know that there is such a thing as a lip primer? No? Well there is. And it works. My advice would be to have a browse through the mac counter and pick up one.

If you are thinking about getting a lip liner I would say go girl. It´s a classic way to help your lipstick-friend out.

And for a little secret. Shhhh, don´t tell anyone but a little sprinkle of loose powder on top is a true little helper.

…and I’m out.

Morning, dreamer!
IMG_4290 copy

IMG_4295 copy

Morning, dreamer!
Yesterday I was sprinkled with so much magic I needed to say something about it. Why? Have you seen the movie peter pan? And not the cartoon version the other one? At the end of it there is a scene where Tinkerbelle is dying and they all start shouting, I believe in fairies, I do, I do! 
And perhaps in order for something wonderful to happen one must believe. So this is just the quickest of reminders you might face magic today, if you believe in fairies that is!